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Photo Gopher was created for a singular purpose: to guide me back to the location of a favorite photograph. It's a simple desire, but I never found a solution, thus the Gopher was born. The App lets you pick a picture from your Photos library, and then goes digging for metadata information about that picture, which it then displays. Assuming the picture contains GPS information, simply choose the Show Route action to begin your journey.


Picture Metadata

A non-exhaustive list of the metadata that Photo Gopher can show:



Excluding this Help tab, the Photo Gopher window consists of three tabs: Photos, Favorites and Settings. The primary tab is Photos, where you select pictures for inspection. The pictures are chosen from your Photos library, although for macOS only you may also open image files outside the library using the File / Gopher... menu item.

Once a picture is chosen a Gopher view appears that shows an image thumbnail, detailed metadata, and a map centered on the location where the picture was taken, assuming the picture has a geotag with GPS coordinates. These location coordinates (Latitude,Longitude,Altitude) are automatically copied to the pasteboard, which you can paste into Maps. You may also manually copy any other asset metadata ferreted-out by the Gopher (long-press for iOS, control-click for macOS).

From a Gopher view various actions relating to the picture are available, described in the next section Gopher Actions. One action is Make Favorite; favorite pictures can be quickly recalled from the Favorites tab. Selecting a favorite opens a new Gopher view.

Finally, the Settings tab contains preference settings.


Gopher Actions

After selecting a picture a Gopher view appears - touch the Action button and the Gopher shows the allowable actions, from the following list:


The Picture That Started It All

I was on a bike ride in alien territory, following an unknown route printed on a piece of paper when I came upon this picturesque scene. I promised myself I'd come back for a closer look, and, eventually, I did. Add this image to your Photo Library1, run Photo Gopher on it and follow the yellow brick road to where I snapped the picture!

1. [ For iOS long touch the image and select Add to Photos; for macOS drag the image and drop onto Photos. In either case, check the Recents folder for the imported picture. ]


What's New?

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