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Adventure and Qork

Rescued from the dawn of time - or 4/10 of a century ago - the retro Text Adventure Games Adventure and Qork have been restored for 64-bit Intel machines from Bob Supnik's original FORTRAN source code.



Adventure is the classic 366 point version with End Game, and Qork, a modified Dungeon / Zork, has 550 points and a custom End Game. These games are free, as are the original map artwork and hints that I created.

TAG runs on basically any 64-bit Macintosh or Linux computer, with pre-built executables for macOS. For Linux, all you need is a FORTRAN 77 compiler and away you go.

This particular code has undergone many ports to various operating systems and architectures in its lifetime, so there is only a vague resemblance to its original self.



Here's what you get once you download and open the TAG distribution:

  • A ReadMeFirst.txt file, which you should read, er, first.
  • An Info folder that you might want to peruse, second.
  • Refreshed PNG map files of both dungeons, resurrected from old PICT scans made way back then.
  • Qork sports a new Spider Room and custom End Game.
  • Pre-built static executables for macOS 10.6.8 Snow Leopard through macOS 10.14 Mojave. You can commence game play immediately, simply double click the Adventure or Qork clear glass bottle icon1.
  • You can Save and Restore in either game, any number of times. Saved game state files are interchangeable between all TAG installations, regardless of operating system and compiler.
  • FORTRAN source code for Adventure and Qork, as well as their associated text database files of messages, rooms, etcetera.
  • For Linux you must compile the FORTRAN yourself, but I have turned that chore into a piece of cake with blue (ECCH!) icing, as there is a super-duper-easy-to-use build script, and the source code conditionally compiles for GNU gfortran, Intel ifort and PGI pgf77 compilers, so take your pick. Read Info/ReadMe.txt for details.
  • A front-end procedure called play-text-adventure-games (platag) for Linux users, which may be used even on macOS if you are daring enough. Game save states are managed by platag.
  • Hints, if you must!
  • Implementer history and notes.

1 If macOS prevents execution of Apps downloaded from the web, open System Preferences / Security & Privacy and make a one-time exception by clicking Open Anyway under the General tab. Or, control-click on the App icon in the Finder, then select Open from the context menu and follow the instructions.



How do I get all this super stuff? Simple, just eat the appropriate blue CLICKME cake :

Linux .tgz
TAG 1.1

macOS .dmg

Once the package has downloaded, double-click it to open the distribution, and you will find in either case a single folder, named TAG-1.1. The one real difference is that the macOS folder resides on a read-only file system that you must drag and copy someplace, perhaps to Applications or your Desktop, before attempting to play Adventure or Qork.

Linux .tgz
TAG 1.0
You really do not want the previous version of Adventure and Qork, but, if you insist, eat the purple CLICKME cake.

As an aside, here is a file, TAGdiffs.zip, of differences between the 1989 source code and the results of the 2015 and 2018 conversion efforts.



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