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Protecting your personal and confidential information since 2009, Krypton is the first, simplest and most reliable App on the iOS Store to strongly encrypt entire documents and folders. Now also available on the macOS App Store. Your stuff is secure from prying eyes no matter where you are in the world.

Universal Purchase: runs on iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, Macintosh

First, some terminology:

  • Plaintext refers to any item, whether a text file, image, Word or Pages document, spreadsheet, HTML or sound file, etc., in its normal format.
  • Ciphertext refers to a plaintext item that has been encrypted, and is thus unrecognizable.
  • A passcode is a string of words and characters used as a key during encryption and decryption. The only way to decrypt a Krypton item is by knowing the passcode used to encrypt it.

Metaphorically, Krypton keeps your ciphertext items in a special vault, with each item contained in their own deposit box; to gain access to a ciphertext item the vault must be open and the passcode key must be used to unlock the deposit box before you can discern the plaintext contents inside. In iOS the vault may be open or closed, while on macOS the vault opens upon Log In.

Because the unit of encryption is an entire document or folder, Krypton is not a password manager in the traditional sense, although you can maintain a document of all your passwords that you encrypt between uses. Krypton can encrypt any type of document, including but not limited to:

  • Pictures from your photo album.
  • Movies from your camera roll.
  • Email messages from your mailbox.
  • Songs, PDFs, movies, Zip files, word processing documents, text files, images, program source code or any other object that you can download over the network or from your personal web server.
  • Common items on the pasteboard, including URLs.
  • Any document other Apps are willing to Share, such as Pages, Numbers and Keynote.
  • iCloud Drive and Dropbox files for easy cloud synchronization.

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